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Our story so far.

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Our Business

Good Sort AU is 100% Australian Owned and Operated. We are based in Melbourne, VIC. We strive to operate Good Sort AU ethically, sustainably and with a good moral compass. Good Sort is a business by Australians, working with Australians, for Australians.

We were astounded at how difficult it was to find good quality, affordable, locally made products in Australia. Over the years overseas markets have continually flooded the Australian retail space making it increasingly difficult for local businesses to compete and thrive. This was the motivation and drive behind the creation of Good Sort.

The Mission

Good Sort’s mission is to source premium Australian made lifestyle products and bring them to the forefront of the online retail market. All our products are carefully curated for greater convenience and accessibility. Through its various platforms Good Sort intend to showcase only the best Australia has to offer.

Our Ethos

Not only do profits remain in Australia, helping our economy thrive, but we actively seek suppliers that share our same ethos. Where possible we have sought a range of products that are sustainable, and some of our products are cruelty free, vegan, carbon neutral and generally friendly to our environment. We want to reinvigorate local manufacturing so it is important to us to give Australians the opportunity to buy Australian.

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