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ZONE is an eco-friendly yoga, lifestyle and wellness brand and is the newest addition to the BodyICE brand, which was founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Lydia Lassila in 2006. Lydia created BodyICE to help others recover from injuries physically, mentally and emotionally and to help people reduce their pain naturally. Lydia discovered yoga in 2012. At a time when her sporting career was at threat when she suffered a debilitating back injury. She began her yoga journey through private tuition and within three months was fully rehabilitated and back tackling her goals as an aerial skier. Yoga prolonged Lydia’s career in sport and has helped her live better in life. It has helped Lydia not only recover physically but it has centred, calmed and strengthened her and has become an integral part of her daily routine. Lydia and the team at ZONE have a strong mission - to help you #LiveBetter through environmentally conscious products for yoga, recovery, mental and physical health and longevity. Zone have ensured that their products are made with sustainable materials, premium quality and a lot of love.

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