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  • Good Sort Announces retail partnership with Sisterworks

    Good Sort AU is always looking at ways to support our local community, and that is why we are proud to announce a retail partnership with SisterWorks. SisterWorks is a not-for-profit social enterprise, based in Melbourne, that was founded by Luz Restrepo. Luz arrived in Australia in 2010 seeking political asylum. At the time of …

  • L’CALL Designed & manufactured by Mary & Lollie Cruz

    Good Sort AU introduces L’Call by Lollie and Mary Cruz. Based in Melbourne where art and fashion meets from all corners of the world, L’Call is an expression of practicality with a twist. Founded in 2012, mother-daughter team Lollie and Mary wanted to build a creative brand that showcased their traditional handcrafting leather and design …

  • ROHR Remedy by Emily Rohr

    Good Sort AU introduces ROHR Remedy. Founded in Western Australia and based in Cairns, Far North Queensland, ROHR is a very unique Australian skincare brand. ROHR Remedy incorporates native indigenous ingredients into each and every product in their range. Founded in 2014, Emily began her business journey while running an art gallery exhibit in Western …

  • Lief The Label by Manon & Anke Raath

    Good Sort AU introduces Lief the label from Perth, Western Australia.  Lief the label designs and curates a collection of home-wares in partnership with artisans from Sri Lanka, Vietnam & South Africa.  Lief the label also proudly designs and manufactures a unique collection from their studio in Perth, which has been curated by Good Sort …

  • Wild Wild Knots by Lili Sarris

    Good Sort AU introduces and welcomes Wild Wild Knots.  Based in Melbourne, Australia, Wild Wild Knots is a homewares brand producing locally hand-crafted planters and braided decorations.  Founded in 2020, Lili’s story began with a love for indoor plants & interior design.  Pairing those interests with an undying passion to create with her hands, Lili …

  • EVERGREEN by Elliot Jauregui

    Good Sort AU introduces a unique designer and craftsman, Elliot Jauregui, who is sharing his passion with Good Sort AU customers around Australia. Based in Western Sydney, Elliot’s business, Evergreen, is a brand producing locally hand-crafted homewares by using traditional woodturning techniques. Founded in 2017, it all began with an interest that Elliot had in …

  • NASH made and designed by Sarah Assaf

    Good Sort AU introduces and welcomes NASH, based in Sydney, New South Wales. NASH both designs and manufactures hand-crafted luxurious linen and merino wool homewares. NASH was founded in 2015 on the back of a vision to create a luxury brand that exclusively manufactures in Australia. Striving to make a difference on a local level, …

  • Mya Collection by Noemi Trenta

    Good Sort AU introduces Mya Collection. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Mya Collection is a brand producing locally hand-crafted scented candles. Founded in 2020, Noemi was originally working in the hospitality sector, however she always wanted to follow her dreams in establishing her own business.  Her focus was to find something that she loved, that involved …

  • Outdoors Hello by Rachel Antrobus

    Good Sort AU welcomes Rachel Antrobus the founder and designer of Outdoors Hello, which is now listed on Good Sort AU. Based in Brisbane, Outdoors Hello is an outdoors lifestyle brand producing locally hand-crafted folding picnic tables. Founded in 2020, during the pandemic, Rachel found that she was spending most of her time outdoors with …

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